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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Back safe from the land of rain and lefties

and am home safe in Utah where I belong. We had a very nice weekend with the BSU's family, relaxing, visiting and eating too much. I even had just enough to drink all weekend. The ornanment exchange was a little subdued this year as we didn't even make any of the kids cry by taking an ornament in the claiming round as we typically do. One B-i-L who had a heart attack 4 months ago is doing well, another that hasn't participated in family events since his wife died 3 years ago showed up and everybody had a very nice time.

We arrived home last night with no drama and the boarded pets came home this morning. They seem even more spoiled than when they left! Now there's just some last minute preparations to make before Christmas day and some (paid) days off. Those would be different days than the ones I'm looking at beginning on 7 January...

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